Protect Your Home From Future Pest Infestations

We all know that pests can not only bug you, but also pose a serious risk for your family’s health and home. Year after year! Mice, rats and cockroaches can carry various diseases, which makes it very important to keep them in their place – outside of your house. No matter the season, they will sneak inside your property, searching for food, water and a suitable habitat. Alas, getting rid of them is not a one-time process.

That’s why our professional technicians are trained to look for conditions that invite pests, take care of existing infestations and stop their lifecycle to prevent future invasions. They know the classification and behavior of all home pests and implement the latest in science and technology to protect your house from bed bugs, cockroaches, termites, mice, rats and more.

When you need pest control or extermination and want to protect your house from future invaders, take advantage of our science-based approach. We identify the root of the problem and implement a solution that’s custom-designed for your home. During each visit of our teams, they will investigate, fortify, protect, follow up and report to maintain our guaranteed service standard.

Our Process of Effective Pest Control and Extermination

Our pest control services include a combination of the latest in technology and science. This means you get a custom-designed plan to remove pests away from your house and keep them there for good:

  • Investigate: We inspect your home from top to bottom, inside and out, looking for existing and future pest issues
  • Protect: We treat the perimeter with the appropriate materials and remove all accessible spider webs and wasp nests with the safest possible methods
  • Fortify: We do everything to keep the insects out – plug, seal, caulk, secure gaps and cracks
  • Keep watch: We treat the interior of your property and install pest monitors in critical places, such as kitchen, bathrooms, utility rooms and garages
  • Report: We always provide a detailed report of the performed service and recommendations that help you keep your house free of pests and bugs
  • Follow up: We stay in touch with you and swiftly respond to any emergency situations

Work With a Local Pest Control Company in Bolton

  • We partner with the best entomology departments and researchers to constantly stay at the top of our field
  • We have extensively trained, knowledgeable and licensed pest control and extermination specialists
  • Our pest protection process, techniques, solutions and tools are backed by science
  • Book a guaranteed service and get 2 follow-up visits for free within a period of 3 months after the first treatment
  • Ask for our special offers if you are a return client or just need to book more services within the same visit
  • Get an instant flat-rate price estimate on 01204 319 027 now


Matilda Griffiths, Bolton
I found a bug on my sofa and googled it - came to the conclusion it was a bed bug. I panicked and googled again for a pest control company to take care of it. Well, after they calmed me down and we scheduled...
Abbie Barnett, Bolton
These guys offer great pest extermination services. Saved my family and house from fleas. Our cat somehow became infested with fleas. We tried to deal with the issue on our own, but with no real success....
Andrew Whitehead, Bolton
My garden was torn up. I tried to remove the moles by myself - set some traps and all, but no results. The backyard started to look more like a minefield. Then I found Rapid. They set professional traps...
Holly Chan, Bolton
I had a wasp problem. I called Rapid Pest Control. I no longer have a wasp problem. They found the nest, took care of business and not only were very effective at the job, but took the time to answer all...
Luke Dyer, Bolton
These guys are excellent. We had problems with rats. They came, inspected the whole house and garden. Set traps and bait stations. Caught 3 rats the first day and found another one in the yard after it...
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