Flea Treatment, Fumigation and Extermination in Bolton

Flea Extermination BoltonAdult fleas are small, wingless and about 2.5 mm long. Their bodies are shiny and reddish-brown in color. Fleas are parasites that draw blood from a host – cats, dogs, rats, mice, squirrels, domesticated and wild animals.

They reproduce by hatching eggs. But these eggs are not attached to the host and can be found in places, such as ground, carpets, rugs, upholstery, bedding and cracks in the floor.

Fleas depend on a blood meal from their host to survive. Usually they enter your home via your pets. The most effective solution to keep fleas from getting inside your home is to take care of outdoor flea habitats and hosts with an area-wide flea control chemicals and veterinarian approved flea treatment products.

Not Sure If You Have Fleas? Here Are The Most Common Signs

  • Pet scratching: A general indication is when your pets repeatedly groom and scratch themselves. It’s caused by the bites and the discomfort of the flea activity
  • Bites on your skin: People might also experience bites that leave itchy marks behind
  • Feces: Flea dirt (or adult flea feces) looks similar to black pepper and might be seen in pet beds, rugs, carpets and other pet favorite places for rest

Our 10 Steps For Efficient Flea Treatment and Extermination

  1. 1Identify the flea species that cause the problem
  2. 2Be aware of the flea life-cycle and how their behavior, habits and habitat affect the control plan
  3. 3Inspect for presence of other animals that are the fleas’ source of food
  4. 4Use a strong vacuum to physically remove flea eggs, larvae and adults
  5. 5Use growth regulators that interfere the normal flea development into the adult stage
  6. 6Treat affected areas with safe and efficient flea extermination solutions
  7. 7Schedule a follow up visit
  8. 8Regular bathing and grooming of your pets
  9. 9Frequently wash and dry pet bedding
  10. 10Contact your veterinarian for advice and purchase of flea extermination products


Abbie Barnett, Bolton
These guys offer great pest extermination services. Saved my family and house from fleas. Our cat somehow became infested with fleas. We tried to deal with the issue on our own, but with no real success....
Matilda Griffiths, Bolton
I found a bug on my sofa and googled it - came to the conclusion it was a bed bug. I panicked and googled again for a pest control company to take care of it. Well, after they calmed me down and we scheduled...
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I had a wasp problem. I called Rapid Pest Control. I no longer have a wasp problem. They found the nest, took care of business and not only were very effective at the job, but took the time to answer all...
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These guys are excellent. We had problems with rats. They came, inspected the whole house and garden. Set traps and bait stations. Caught 3 rats the first day and found another one in the yard after it...
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My garden was torn up. I tried to remove the moles by myself - set some traps and all, but no results. The backyard started to look more like a minefield. Then I found Rapid. They set professional traps...
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