Safe Wasp Nest Removal in Bolton

Wasp Extermination BoltonWhat does a wasp look like? Well, it depends on the species. Most of them have two pairs of wings and a thin waist. They range in colors from black to metallic blues and greens, and vary in size to several centimeters long.

Wasp species are generally categorised as solitary and social. Solitary wasps live alone and don’t belong to a colony. Social wasps live in colonies with female workers performing all duties within the nest.

Most wasps are aggressive and can sting when threatened. Unlike honey bees, wasps are capable to sting multiple times. Please keep in mind that wasps are beneficial to mankind. Several species are used as parasites in agriculture to control other pests. Others play the role of predators to help maintain insect population. And some function as pollinators to help with plant fertilisation.

Signs of Wasp Infestation and How to Treat It

Wasp signs depend on species, but when you see them flying around, plus a nest below the eaves of the roof, you have a wasp problem. Our integrated approach involves a variety of effective techniques to control wasps and safely remove their nests.

Usually this service is performed in one visit. When the wasp nest is easily accessible, it is completely removed. If not, we use an extendable wasp wand that injects powder inside the nest to eliminate the wasps first.

Our Process of Proper Wasp Nest Removal and Extermination

  • Inspect and determine what is necessary to provide an effective wasp control plan
  • Document and explain the specifics of the overall control plan with findings and results of every next follow up visit
  • Educate the clients with the behavior, habit and diet of wasps, as well as how this info is helpful for you as the homeowner
  • Select the most appropriate wasp control method – traps, strobe lights, mechanical and insecticidal controls, physical removal
  • Modify the area around your house to reduce the number of sites that are suitable for wasp nests in the near future
  • Keep the area clean and reduce access to wasps’ sources of food
  • Make it hard for wasps to get inside a building
  • Call for emergency wasp nest removal services when needed on 01204 319 027


Abbie Barnett, Bolton
These guys offer great pest extermination services. Saved my family and house from fleas. Our cat somehow became infested with fleas. We tried to deal with the issue on our own, but with no real success....
Holly Chan, Bolton
I had a wasp problem. I called Rapid Pest Control. I no longer have a wasp problem. They found the nest, took care of business and not only were very effective at the job, but took the time to answer all...
Andrew Whitehead, Bolton
My garden was torn up. I tried to remove the moles by myself - set some traps and all, but no results. The backyard started to look more like a minefield. Then I found Rapid. They set professional traps...
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I found a bug on my sofa and googled it - came to the conclusion it was a bed bug. I panicked and googled again for a pest control company to take care of it. Well, after they calmed me down and we scheduled...
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These guys are excellent. We had problems with rats. They came, inspected the whole house and garden. Set traps and bait stations. Caught 3 rats the first day and found another one in the yard after it...
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